The 1,432 square miles of Volusia County is home to many species. Volusia County has a diverse ecosystem with a variety of wildlife in the county’s habitats. You will encounter wildlife if you live anywhere in Volusia County. Due to the diversity of our ecosystem, you may experience many different species. Birds, raccoons, and snakes are common pests. Some animals like birds will simply annoy you. Other pests such as raccoons and snakes are dangerous and may attack people. Contact us to escort these critters off your property.

Wildlife Removal

We have experience with a variety of animals such as bats, rodents, and snakes. We can determine the source of entry and remove any wildlife from your home. We use a variety of tools such as cages, nets, and traps to humanely capture animals.


Birds are some of the most common pests to invade your home. They are often found in attics and chimneys. Most people hear birds chirping and flying in chimneys. They may begin roosting in warm areas of your home. We often remove birds from chimneys and may find dead birds in a chimney as well. The best prevention to stop birds from entering your home is a chimney cap. It blocks birds from entering a chimney and allows smoke to release.


Snakes are a common nuisance in Volusia County. Most citizens have encountered a snake in their lifetimes in our city. Most snakes in Volusia County are non-venomous. Like most animals, they go to places that have food sources readily available to them. If your home has rodents present, then snakes may pay you a visit for a meal. We use gloves and a snake grabber to catch snakes. It is a safe tool to minimize contact and avoid being bitten. Then, we place the snake in a cage or container before releasing it in its natural habitat.

Humane Removal

Thanks to the local ecosystem, there are many safe places for us to release wild animals once caught. The wildlife can be placed in swamps and beaches. Their placement depends on their natural habitats.

Home Repairs

In addition, wildlife can cause major damage to homes. Droppings from birds can damage your roof and create small cracks. Then, this problem leads to a chain reaction of problems. Your roof will start leaking, and the water from the leak can damage other rooms in the house. We can repair the damage caused by wild pests to protect the quality of your home.


The final step in the process is prevention. You do not want these pests attempting to return. We can seal most entry points to your home. This way, the animals cannot reenter the same areas of your house.

However, some areas may not need to be sealed. Instead, a vent or mesh can be used. A chimney cap or mesh as a vent in a chimney can prevent entry of wildlife. It allows air to circulate and deters animals from using your chimney as an entry point.


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