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We love seeing wildlife in nature, but we are not very pleased to see them in our homes. Wildlife can be a nuisance, attack pets, and create health hazards. Wildlife can damage your property, and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Wildlife Removal

First, we must determine the area of the house where wildlife is entering. Small cracks in a roof, ventilation, and chimneys are common places for wildlife to enter your home. These parts of a house need to be sealed or vents need to be placed in chimneys. The most common way to remove wildlife is by using nets to catch them and prevent any animals from coming back inside the home. This process can take one to two days. It depends on the size of the problem that must be removed from the house.

1) Humane Removal

Many wildlife is considered nuisances by law. We are required to humanely remove animals without the intention to harm or kill them. Wildlife is released in the wild and away from your living space. We use traps to catch wildlife and prevent them from reentering. The animals are not harmed in the cages. They are kept in the cage until they are released in their natural habitat. In addition, we may use a recovery box to secure young wildlife. A recovery box keeps them warm and safe. Babies will be released with their mothers in the wild.

2) Removal of Dead Animals

Sometimes homeowners may not realize an animal has been living in the attic or walls of a house. They will discover the remains of a dead animal. These corpses have a terrible smell and people will quickly notice the foul odor. We can remove and dispose of the remains of a dead rodent.

Opossums are also a common nuisance in The Villages. These critters are a threat to your pets and will attack you if they feel threatened by you. Opossums will eat food from your garbage cans, dog bowls, and cat bowls. Opossums will drink water from your pool in the backyard.

An opossum trap is the only way to remove an opossum from your home. We can set traps around your property then properly release the opossums once caught.

Prevention: Proofing Your Home

You certainly do not want wildlife returning to your home after removing them. The best method to permanently keep wildlife out of your home is by proofing your home. A home needs protection in its chimney, roof, and windows.

Furthermore, the fall and winter are the best times of the year to proof your home. Many animals are in hibernation during this time of the year. This way you can avoid any direct contact with wildlife. In addition, babies are born during the spring and summer.

Proofing during this time may not be successful as babies could remain in your home. If you have not experienced any wildlife in your home, then set up prevention for your home. It is never too late to prevent wildlife from trying to make a home in your house. This way you will avoid costly fees to repair damages to your home.

Services for wildlife removal remove dead animals from properties. It is best for a professional to properly remove and dispose of the rotting corpse. We can safely remove it and you can avoid any infections by improperly removing the body.

Home Repairs

Unfortunately, your home will likely need repairs from damage caused by wildlife. Animals in an unnatural environment will treat your home as if it a piece of wood. Rats and squirrels are known for biting wires throughout a house. These wires need to be replaced as soon as possible.
Furthermore, urine and feces from these animals contaminate your living space. These substances pose a serious health risk. Feces from wildlife can spread diseases to you and your pets. These areas in the home need to be disinfected and some parts may need to be replaced with new materials.


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