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Do you have a wildlife problem on your property?
Are rodents chewing up your house?
Do you bats in your attic?
Or is it raccoons?

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    The longer you take to act, the more damage these Critters cause!

    Wildlife on your property is bad news.

    Our certified and experienced wildlife control technicians employ humane and effective ways of wildlife exclusion and control.

    Rodents chew their way through anything destroying your property and causing hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

    • Bats make sinister sounds and leave behind disease-infested guano
    • Armadillos leave holes on your garden and ruin your landscaping
    • Venomous snakes are a serious threat to human health
    • Many of these animals carry diseases

    We handle all your unwanted crawling guests including raccoons, squirrels, rats, snakes,
    opossums, armadillos, bats, etc. Our job is to get them out and keep them out.

    We have over 30 yeas of local experience, so feel confident that you are contacting the best in the area to handle your wildlife conflict.

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    Veterans Owned & Operated

    With over 30 years of experience in evacuating wildlife from homes and businesses, our veterans at A+ Animal Solutions will permanently solve your animal problems.

    Headquartered at:

    4651 Babcock St NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905
    with offices around Florida

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    When to call Us

    Give us a call if you notice:

    • Bats flying out of your chimney or attic
    • Rodents chewing up your house
    • Raccoons and armadillos running about in your garden
    • Snake in your home or on your property
    • Strange sounds and terrible odors emanating from your attic or crawl spaces
    • Animal droppings and brown urine stains in your home

    Our Services

    Wildlife Trapping

    We implement humane and efficient methods of animal removal. Trapping only when necessary to solve your problem quickly and professionally. Trapping can be an effective way to get rid of critters like rodents, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, armadillos, etc. We understand the different techniques of animal control and employ them to safely trap and eliminate uninvited guests from your home.

    Humane Animal Exclusions

    Secure your home or business against wildlife. The most important step in animal control. Identify, repair and secure your property from nuisance animals. When we perform animal exclusions, we do it as humanely as possible, and in accordance with the laws of the state. We have all the traps and tools for wildlife exclusions at our disposal and use proven techniques to get them out.

    Repair and Decontamination

    The most important part of animal control is making your property wildlife-proof. Our job doesn’t end with evacuating wild animals, we identify their entry point(s) and seal it off to prevent future entry. We also clean up after the animal and decontaminate the entire area with a powerful disinfectant, a virucide, to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases. A zoonotic disease is a disease spread between animals and people. Zoonotic diseases can be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Some of these diseases are very common. We treat the areas where the animals have been with a powerful disinfectant virucide to target these hazards.

    Extended Control and Warranty

    Nobody deserves to share a home with wild animals. Our animal control veterans ensure you will never need us twice. We guarantee our exclusions and offer programs for continued wildlife control. Whether you own a single-family home or a full-service restaurant, we offer wildlife control programs to protect your property.



    John did an amazing job and had such a pleasant demeanor and reassuring attitude! I can’t thank him enough. If there is a place to fill out an official review, I would be happy to do so–definitely FIVE stars:). Thank you again, Janet Jablonski

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    Ed Costa

    EXCELLENT SERVICE! When contacting a service provider do you hope for a cost-effective quality product? Do you want the providers to be knowledgeable, professional, have the most up to date equipment to do the job? 

    How We Solve Your Wildlife Infestation Problem

    We are always available to pick up when you call and listen to your wildlife problem. We try to understand and evaluate the issue by asking the appropriate questions.

    We do a thorough property inspection to know how the critters are getting in and evaluate how to properly approach the problem. We devise the most efficient way of resolving the wildlife problem. This is a very important step since no two cases are the same. We find out the species involved and the extent of the damage before deciding the best exclusion and restoration method.

    Next is to apply our knowledge of the problem and the most humanly possible solution to remove the animals from your property. We remove animals from homes either by capturing them alive using traps or using exclusion devices.

    After the animal is evicted, we repair any damages and thoroughly clean-up any biological remnants of the animal’s droppings or decaying carcasses. We also sanitize the entire place, offer odor control, and animal-proofing measures.

    We relocate certain animals to their natural habitat (usually very far from cities and residential areas) while some others are taken to wildlife rehabilitation centers. We understand that animals have rights too, and we treat them kindly.