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Armadillos are funny looking creatures – thanks to their gloomy faces. Although they are docile and sleep for about 20 hours a day, they are excellent burrowers. It takes them less than 15 minutes to burrow into the earth and get completely out of sight. Do you know that they can reach top speeds exceeding that of Usain Bolt? So much for these weird-looking critters.

The major problem associated with armadillos is their unending drive to dig. They primarily do this to obtain their yummy food – worms, grubs, and insects. Their poor eyesight is compensated for by their great sense of smell which guides them to food sources. Also, they dig holes so that they can easily retreat into them when faced with danger. In this post, we’ll look at some problems caused by armadillos and how to remove them from your property.

Problems Associated with Armadillos

1) Seal Up Entry Points

In their quest for food, armadillos can dig large tunnels under a house, pipeline, or concrete floor. All these cause damage and severely undermine the structural integrity of your building. Similarly, they create small holes all over the lawn, disfiguring the landscape.

2) Sickness

Unfortunately, some armadillos are known to carry the bacteria, Mycobacterium leprae, which is responsible for Hansen’s disease (Leprosy). There are actual documented cases of infections from armadillos in the Southern United States. Although the risk of contracting the disease is very low, it is best to avoid contact with armadillos whenever possible.

Armadillo Capture Process

1) Inspection

As with all wildlife removal processes, the first step is to fully inspect your property. This will help to determine where the armadillos are coming from and where they are residing. It will also help in developing an effective trapping and prevention plan.

2) Trapping

Because of their primary diet, it is almost impossible to kill armadillos with poison. They wouldn’t eat it! Similarly, repellents are highly ineffective when it comes to catching armadillos. The best method to employ is trapping.

When trapping armadillos, no bait is used. Instead, success ultimately lies in setting the traps along the path of the armadillo so it can walk inside. This is easier said than done. It requires a thorough understanding of an armadillo’s behavior to effectively camouflage the trap and set it correctly. Sometimes, it helps to use a temporary barrier to create a funneling system that will guide the animal into the trap. This usually works because armadillos are not intelligent and seem to pay trivial attention to their surroundings. Thereafter, it’s a matter of checking the traps daily until it gets captured. After which relocation follows.

However, before trapping is done, it is advised to check with state laws regarding the capture and relocation of armadillos.

3) Prevention

The first step is to eliminate their sources of food. This can also be achieved by special repellents that will make the worms, grubs, and insects less appetizing to them.

Another great way to repel armadillos from your property is by fencing it. Since armadillos are great burrowers, the fence has to extend underground so that they can’t dig past it.


Although not native to the United States, armadillos have adapted well in the southern states, primarily of Florida and Texas. In the quest for food, they burrow through unwanted areas, causing discomfort for many homeowners. Though difficult to remove, they can be captured if trapped correctly. That’s why you should consider a professional armadillo removal service.