Dee I.
Matt came out and was wonderful. Very knowledgeable,kind, and through. He answered all our questions, took his time explaining Our options. Mat was very professional, and we would recommend A+ Animal solutions to Our friends and neighbors.
Ree Z.
I highly recommend A+ Animal Solutions for any wildlife problem. I had squirrels in my attic, so I called 3 different companies out for quotes. A+ Animal Solutions removed the squirrels, closed off the entry points, and disinfected my attic at a much lower rate than their competitors. Chris and Mike were professional and very kind (to me and the squirrels!!). Don't go with any other company until you let A+ Animal Solutions assess the situation first!
Stacey K.
As a property management provider we have had the need to call on A+ Animal Solutions on several different occasions. No matter what critter problem you have, the staff is very knowledgeable and are experts in their field. It's always such a pleasure dealing with A+ Animal Solutions as they are very accommodating and friendly. They are very prompt in responding to each situation and handle every issue as if it were their own home that they were taking care of. The service technicians while on site are very respectful and courteous, always willing to answer any question that may arise.

Preferred Management Services, Inc.

Greg C.
I was very happy with the service I received from A+ Animal Solutions they were prompt, friendly professional and polite. I would recommend them to anyone.
Erin M.
Prompt, friendly, and highly professional company. I called in reference to noises in my attic over the last few weeks, and was very relieved that they were able to find the source of the noise quickly. They were very professional and did not use any chemicals to harm the animal or my family/dogs. I was pleasantly surprised how attentive they were and that they took extra time once I mentioned the holes and ruts in my yard. They set up humane traps and easily captured the armadillos. Overall, I would highly recommend this company.
Suzie H.
I heard noises coming from my attic, and a friend recommended A+ Animal Solutions. These guys were so great - very professional - they were always on time and very polite. They set up traps in my attic for a period of two weeks to catch the squirrels and fixed the holes around my roof that were allowing them to get in. I highly recommend this company if you have any critter issues!
Kendall H.

It all started with an opossum. For several weeks, a few times a week, I would see this large possum walking the side of my house. At times I would see it in the daytime, but I mostly saw it late at night. I knew it was the same possum, simply because of its unusal size. I never bothered to call anyone about it, and just ignored it. Afterall, this is Florida where wildlife frequently visits your doorstep. That's just something I've grown to accept--until the night I was awakened by the scratching noise above my head. The noise at first was indistinct, but then began to sound like tapping. I wasn't sure what it was, but I remembered my mother speaking of squirrels in the attic when I was a child. So I decided to call A+, who informed me that not only was there a possum in my attic, but it had babies!!! Things all began to make sense.

My experience with A+ was great! They were prompt, informative, and most importantly they removed the creatures humanely. Being a huge animal lover, that latter point was of much importance to me. If you ever have an issue with wildlife in or around your home, I highly recommend this company as your go-to! And if you can, ask for Chris. He's awesome!

Thanks A+!

Mike B.
Prompt, professional service. They extremely knowledgeable and will do everything they can to help their customers. Very highly recommended.
Matt H.
A+ is right! This was my first time using an animal control company, and I sure picked the right one. Not only did I receive exceptional customer service, the job was done quick and efficient at a great price. I highly recommend using this company for any animal problem.
Jim B
These guys are AWESOME! I had a family of raccoons living in the empty lot next door, every week they were knocking over garbage cans, making a huge mess, and just DRIVING ME CRAZY! I called A+ Animal Solutions, they sent someone out with a few traps and some bait, they humanely removed the animals, and now my raccoon problem is a distant memory. I HIGHLY recommend them if you have a pesky animal problem. Very courteous, timely, affordable, AND they are Veteran owned and operated, which was a major selling point for me.
B and G Services
After calling around to a few places, A+ Animal offered the best price to fix our issue. More importantly, their technician was the most knowledgeable of anybody we spoke with. After his visits and services we were elated to be totally 'coon-free! Another amazing, hard working, veteran owned business. Thanks again guys.

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