Kendall H.

It all started with an opossum. For several weeks, a few times a week, I would see this large possum walking the side of my house. At times I would see it in the daytime, but I mostly saw it late at night. I knew it was the same possum, simply because of its unusal size. I never bothered to call anyone about it, and just ignored it. Afterall, this is Florida where wildlife frequently visits your doorstep. That’s just something I’ve grown to accept–until the night I was awakened by the scratching noise above my head. The noise at first was indistinct, but then began to sound like tapping. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I remembered my mother speaking of squirrels in the attic when I was a child. So I decided to call A+, who informed me that not only was there a possum in my attic, but it had babies!!! Things all began to make sense.

My experience with A+ was great! They were prompt, informative, and most importantly they removed the creatures humanely. Being a huge animal lover, that latter point was of much importance to me. If you ever have an issue with wildlife in or around your home, I highly recommend this company as your go-to! And if you can, ask for Chris. He’s awesome!

Thanks A+!

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