Squirrel Removal, Exclusion and Decontamination

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We have seen a squirrel climb a brick wall of a four story apartment house in a matter of seconds. Squirrels can climb stucco just as easily.

Battling squirrel problems is like fighting a miniature army. A squirrel will chew a hole in high hard to reach parts of the roof. A squirrel may work alone or with others in groups. Several squirrels will work in shifts, day and night. At night they are chewing a hole from the inside of the attic to the outside. That is the aggravating sound you hear at 1:30 in the morning.

Squirrels are also very territorial. They have staked off your attic as their territory . In large attics, one end is the nesting area and the opposite end is the latrine. That unmistakable odor of urine is embedded in your attic, marking their territory.

Squirrels can cause severe damage not only your attic, but your home as a whole that is why it is necessary to take immediate action at the first sign of noises in the attic. It is very important to have these squirrels removed in a human way, but just as important to do an exclusion to ensure that they do not come back. Once gone, the key is to keep them gone or have a new family move in to your nice comfy attic.


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