Opossum Trapping, Removal and Exclusions

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Opossums are opportunistic omnivores with a very broad range of diet. They cause damage by digging up the roots of plants and getting into garbage cans. They interact with humans when they select brush piles and control decks to make their dens.

When threatened or harmed, they will “play possum”, mimicking the appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal. The lips are drawn back, teeth are bared, saliva foams around the mouth, and a foul-smelling fluid is secreted from the anal glands. This physiological response is completely involuntary, rather than a conscious act.

Their stiff, curled form can be prodded, turned over, and even carried away. Many injured opossums have been killed by well-meaning people who find a catatonic animal and assume the worst. Their unspecialized biology, flexible diet and reproductive strategy make them successful colonizers and survivors even when their habitat is disrupted. Because they are so resilient, Opossum control is essential to protect your yard.

We have a local wildlife expert near you for a free inspection so you never have to wait. We will humanely remove any Opossum that may be in your attic or causing damage on your property. We can then ensure that the opossum will no longer be able to access your property, decontaminate and either repair or recommend repairs that may be needed


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