Exclusions after Wildlife Trapping

Get the critters out, now keep them out!

A proper exclusion is of extreme importance if nuisance wildlife has found a way inside your residence. A Plus Florida Wildlife Removal Animal Solutions will do a thorough inspection of your home/business, inside and out. During this inspection, we will locate all areas that the animals are using to gain access into your residence. We will
also locate possible future areas of entry so you can avoid a recurring issue. It is important to note that sealing a single entry point is only a temporary fix. If there are other areas of your structure that are easily moved/dislodged, the fecal matter/urine trails and pheromones will most certainly attract other critters to the same safe haven. In other words, even if all of the nuisance wildlife is successfully trapped and removed, there is a good chance that other animals will attempt to gain entry knowing that your residence is a safe place to live and reproduce. For this reason, we always provide you with a full exclusion rather than partial, “quick-fix.”

Here is a good look at a before and after professional exclusion;

When sealing these areas, our technicians use weather-proof, metal-based, rodent-resistant materials. Other materials such as foam or wood are easily chewed through and won’t be a long term solution.

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