Florida Wildlife Decontamination After Trapping

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Once an animal begins living in your home, they also begin to contaminate the area with urine, feces, dander, and parasites. In some instances, these parasites can become a very serious health hazard. Dealing with the aftermath of an animal in your attic is best left to a professional.

We will remove contaminated insulation and feces left behind by the nuisance wildlife. This is very important Florida Wildlife Removal because the feces may contain parasites, bacteria, and/or fungal spores. These microscopic pathogens can become airborne and put you, your pets, and your family at risk of contracting a potentially deadly illness. Also, the dander from the fur can be a hazard to anyone with allergies, along with containing ticks and fleas that can spread throughout your home/attic like wildfire. Once all feces, urine, and contaminated insulation is removed, A+ Animal Solutions will treat your attic and/or home with an anti-microbial, anti-parasitic viricide spray that will kill all bacteria, fungal spores, and parasites left behind by your unwanted guests. This critical process will protect you and your family from the potential dangers left behind by any unwanted critters. It will also help diminish the scents and attractants that only other animals can sense.

Protecting Your Property and Family from Nuisance Wildlife and Rodents

We deal with other nuisance wildlife like, Armadillo, Fox, Birds, Ducks, Moles and voles and hogs; the list goes on! We do not trap dogs or cats so please call your local city animal control for that service.

If you’re dealing with a dead animal, call our team for removal. We can help you with any dead animal smell you might have. Our team can find where the animal died and sanitize the area to get rid of the scent.

We also do attic and cosmetic restorations after the wildlife is removed and the damage needs to be repaired, Here are a few photos of our restoration and decontamination work:

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