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We offer incomparable service in solving bat problems. A Plus Animal Solutions is the preferred company by local Pest Control and County Animal Control agencies. Our years of experience will ensure that we get rid of your bats and keep them out. We will keep coming back until the job is completed. Our company was built on customer satisfaction so our main goal is to ensure your safety and happiness.

It is illegal to kill bats in The State of Florida in accordance with Florida Administrative Code number 68A-4.001 General Prohibitions and 68A-9.010 Taking Nuisance Wildlife. The use of pesticides or poisons for the purpose of harming, killing, or deterring bats is prohibited in the state of Florida. So please call in a professional to get the job done properly and legally.

Bats can cause damage to structures. Rabies is another health threat associated with bats. Note that rabid bats are rare, but this is a good reason why handling bats should only be done by a wildlife professional. Bats live in colonies that can grow very quickly. So removing them and excluding them from future entry is essential at the first sign.

We have a local wildlife expert near you for a free inspection so you never have to wait. We will humanely remove any Bats that may be in your attic or causing damage on your property. We can then ensure that the Bats will no longer be able to access your property, decontaminate and perform an exclusion to keep them from returning.

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