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The Nine-Banded Armadillo is an unusual creature. It is very ancient, in a family similar to anteaters. They have the unique advantage of wearing a suit of armor, made of bone-like material. They are not native to Florida, but thrive in this warm climate with soft soil. They dig for all of their food, which consists primarily of grubs and earthworms. They also dig large, deep burrows into the ground in which they live and raise young. Armadillos always have identical quadruplets.

The main concern and the reason to have Armadillos trapped and removed is that they are expert diggers and can cause serious damage to a lawn or a landscaped area. However, most of the digging involves their large burrows. They often dig their holes in undesirable places, such as underneath a concrete porch, the foundation of a house, or near gas/water lines. If they remove too much dirt from under a concrete foundation, the foundation faces the danger of cracking. Armadillo burrows also attract other animals. If you see a large hole on your property with a lot of dirt thrown out, that’s the work of an armadillo. Time to call in the professionals at A Plus Animal Solutions.

There is no magic cure for trapping and removing Armadillos. Armadillo trapping and removal is serious and their burrow must be properly sealed closed to ensure that they don’t return.The best way is to have it done humanely by the professionals at A Plus Animal Solutions.

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